FIA World Touring Car Championship to run on Bio-Fuel in 2009

April 13, 2007 In one of the first developments of its kind the FIA World Touring Car Championship (FIA WTCC) is set to run on bio-fuel from 2009 after the FIA World Motor Sport Council gave unanimous support for the initiative. The FIA WTCC, one of the FIA’s three World Championships alongside Formula One and the World Rally Championship (WRC), is now in its third season having gained increased popularity worldwide. Bio-ethanol fuel will be introduced to the FIA WTCC alongside unleaded petrol and diesel in 2008, before a switch to an exclusive bio-fuel powered championship in 2009.

Jacques Behar, Chairman and CEO of championship promoter KSO, said: “With the close relationship between touring cars and their road-going equivalents we believe that the WTCC is the logical platform to raise public awareness of bio fuels. Alternative fuels will also play a major role in motor sport's future and it is our goal to be at the forefront of this technology." All stakeholders in the FIA WTCC, including car manufacturers and sponsors, will take part in the development programme and will help to analyse the different bio-fuels that are currently available on the market. The aim is to identify the best possible solution for a fuel with more bio and less fossil components, which will then be submitted to the FIA Technical Department for final approval. Bio-fuel, a fuel produced mainly from organic matter, can help to reduce global warming by removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. After a successful start in Curitiba (Brazil) on 11 March, the second event of the 2007 season will take place on 6 May in Zandvoort (Netherlands).

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