KTM to mass produce 700kg 300 bhp US$55K X-Bow

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April 20, 2007 We wrote extensively and quite enthusiastically about KTM's 700kg 300 bhp carbon fibre X-BOW roadster in February, so we now have the pleasure of announcing that the public's extremely positive reaction has seen the green light given for series production. Originally, KTM’s intention was to have Dallara produce a pilot series of 100 units, but with firm orders for 600 cars coming in the last two months, production will now be handled by Magna Steyr Fahrzeugtechnik beginning early 2008, with the first customer deliveries in February. The aim is to reach an annual production of 1000 units as soon as possible. Plans still call for the production of the first 100 units as an exclusive special series. No mention was made in the announcement of any changes to the price, although with series production, the cost of manufacture will drop - a modest EUR 40,000 (US$55,000) is still the last price mentioned, which makes the vehicle a remarkable bargain when equated to bang-per-buck.

KTM head Stefan Pierer explains that the reason for this switch is the need to react quickly to the high demand: “At Magna Steyr, we will achieve a higher production output appreciably faster. Furthermore, this decision enables us to simplify the procedure: we have to start up only one manufacturing process.”


View gallery - 22 images
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