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May 2, 2007 Meet the Flash Survivor – no, it’s not another reality TV show, but one of the most rugged USB drives we’ve ever seen. The US$130 8GB Survivor is water-resistant to 200 metres (650 ft), encased in a CNC (Computer Numerical Control) milled aluminum (as found in aircraft part production) case, and being solid-state, it’s incredibly shock-proof anyway. Additional protection from shock and vibration is achieved through the use of rubber moulded collar shielding which absorbs the impact force to prevent damage to the inner drive and the USB connector, making it ideal to safely store information in the most demanding environments.

The water-resistance to a depth of 200 Meters (650 ft or 20 atmospheres) is enabled by an EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) waterproof seal. During testing, no leaking or compromised integrity of the data on the drive was found.

The Flash Survivor comes pre-loaded with a security application with 256bit AES encryption, the most secure encryption algorithms available. The application allows users to create a hidden, password-protected partition on the drive.

The GT version of the Flash Survivor delivers sustained read/write performance up to 34MB/sec (28MB/sec standard).

The Corsair Flash Survivor GT 8GB is backed by a 10-year Limited Warranty complete with customer support via telephone, email, forum and TechSupport Xpress troubleshooting guide.

View gallery - 2 images
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