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May 7, 2007 We’re obviously huge fans of stunt rider Chris Pfeiffer, so excuse us for being a bit indulgent and running these amazing pics. No Adobe Photoshop is involved whatsoever – that’s Chris doing his thing on his F 800 stunt bike in Moscow's Red Square. "Moscow is an amazing place and I had been doing some stunt shows for BMW Motorrad over there as well as some 'guerrilla' activity with Red Bull," said Chris. "I knew it would be quite difficult to get these pictures but luckily for me one of the guys from BMW had a contact with the local police - who all ride BMW bikes - and he had seen one of my shows, so we were able to get permission to make these pictures close to the Basilica with the distinctive onion domes on the Red Square!" People have been shot for less, and not all that long ago either!

Following appearances at a motorcycle exhibition in Moscow the 36-year-old was attracted to the wide, open spaces outside the Cathedral of Saint Basil and decided to capture the moment on camera.

In addition his F 800, Chris has also been using the new HP2 Megamoto in his latest shows, much to the delight of stunt fans. "I'm really enjoying the extra variety this bike brings to my performances and I'm now including it in most of my shows," he said. "While the F 800 is the best bike out there for technical stunts, the Megamoto's raw power is superb for power drifting and things like crazy stoppies when I stand on one cylinder! I'm looking forwards to going to the Isle of Man centenary TT in June because there will be about eight of the world's best stunt riders there and we're all going to put on shows as well as compete against each other."

View gallery - 2 images
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