The mophie Bevy – the first Illuminator-built product

May 8, 2007 Mophie today announced the US$15 Bevy, the first product to be released from the highly successful Illuminator project. The mophie Bevy is a multifunctional case for Apple's iPod Shuffle that features a bottle opener and key chain and was designed by a 17-year-old from California. The Illuminator project at MacWorld Expo transformed mophie’s booth into a live community collaboration and creation lab where, over a four-day period, 30,000+ MacWorld attendees were invited to doodle a product concept that enhanced any of the newest Apple products. Concepts were voted on by MacWorld attendees at the show and on Finally, mophie designers and engineers took the winning concepts and developed prototypes in the booth.

Made of a sleek crystal-clear polycarbonate with a stainless steel insert, the Bevy is designed to add multiple functions to the Shuffle. It avoids those dreaded headphone dangle knots with grooves to wrap your headphones, acts as a key chain, and most importantly will open a bottle of your favorite beverage. Finally, a reason to carry that little Shuffle around at all times.

Representing a remarkable combination of function for the thirsty music lover, it is available in five colors and retails for US$15. The Bevy is now shipping to retailers worldwide, including Apple retail stores.

The Bevy began as a simple doodle by MacWorld attendee Jared Fiovorich, a 17-year-old student and avid skateboarder from Santa Cruz, California.

While hanging out at the mophie booth, Jared doodled a protective cover for the iPod Shuffle. Jared’s tricked-out case design incorporated a bottle opener and a key chain into the original mophie Wraptor case.

“Everyone has an idea. The concept of freeing design energy and giving people a forum to actually see the viability of their idea is something we’ve wanted to do for a long time. The success of the Illuminator project at MacWorld is incredibly gratifying for us,” says mophie founder and official holder of the ‘Illuminator’ title, Ben Kaufman.

Fiorovich, for his part, is psyched. His name not only appears on all packaging materials, he scored product release cash, free iPod Shuffles and cases of Bevys to give out to his friends. Most importantly he is thrilled to see his idea brought to life. “This is so cool. I have ideas all the time, but have never had the opportunity to see one of my ideas actually produced,” said Fiorovich.

“Illuminator is the ultimate way to interact with consumers,” says Dave Schmidt, mophie Navigator. “Inviting consumers to participate and providing them with a way to really offer feed back proved to ignite widespread creativity.”

The Illuminator project at MacWorld produced three winning designs, as voted on by the community, and all are being developed.

The Schlep is a protective case with storage for your money and credit cards that attaches to any shoulder strap. Made of durable, ballistic cordura, the Schlep is designed to hold the new iPhone or a 5th generation iPod. Doodled by Wm. Marc Salsberry.

The Montage is a multi-function iPod photo dock. The Montage features touch-screen iPod navigation, and has the ability to display your photos or videos on a seven-inch LCD that also plays your tunes through some kickin’ speakers. Montage also features an alarm clock to wake you up when the party is over. The Montage will fit any iPod (nano/5th gen). Retail price and availability have yet to be determined. Doodled by Teresa Rivera.

“Creativity has driven our success and helped us to bring some incredible products to market,” says Kaufman. “We want to take user-generated content to the next level – to user-generated product. The Illuminator process will bring the consumer into the development process.”

mophie was founded in march of 2005 by an 18-year-old with the goal of creating a funky product development firm based around good people and great ideas. mophie products are distributed in 28 countries worldwide, offered domestically at finer apple specialist stores, and at Apple retail stores.

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