May 18, 2007 Belkin have announced their Network USB Hub, which works in conjunction with an existing wireless router to provide wireless connectivity to five USB devices. While certain high-bandwidth devices like HD webcams are out of the question, the more common applications like printers, scanners and external hard drives are all compatible.

The Hub works by simulating a direct USB connection with the device, so your computer thinks the devices are physically connected. This unfortunately means only one computer will be able to access a device at any given time. The included software allows you to transfer each connected device to a certain computer, so we hope they nail this aspect - the ease of use will make or break the device in terms of functionality.

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Belkin is promising a setup time of three minutes, which sounds almost too good to be true - we'll look forward to testing one in June. Mac heads will have to wait until September for drivers - but the very fact they are coming is welcome enough.

The Network USB Hub will be available in late June for US$129.99, with launches outside the US to follow.

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