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May 18, 2007 Motorola’s iconic RAZR, the most distinctive single mobile phone design in the industry’s short history, is about to move into its next generation. RAZR2 evolves the critically important brand into a next-generation device with a host of cutting-edge features such as CrystalTalk technology which automatically adjusts audio to ensure clear calls even in a noisy environment. The RAZR2 has 2GB of on-board memory, Web browsing, real-time point-to-point video and a new ultra-fast menu navigation system, all packed into a slimmer, stronger, sleeker design. Available July 2007 in several markets, the RAZR2 family’s three new handsets – V9 (3G HSDPA), V9m (EVDO CDMA) and V8 (GSM) - will be available to users of all three major technology networks.

“With the modern style and powerful performance of RAZR2, Motorola is once again redefining the cell phone,” said Ed Zander, Motorola’s chairman and chief executive officer. “This device takes the world’s best-selling feature-phone to the next level. Combining groundbreaking new features and an even slimmer exterior than the original icon, the RAZR2 is capable of giving consumers the ultimate mobile experience.”

* Motorola made the RAZR2 profile even sharper, shaving two millimeters from the original RAZR. * Greatly enhanced dual screens give consumers the largest-in-its class 2.0” external screen for crisp picture caller ID and readable texts and a 2.2” internal screen with twice the resolution of the original RAZR. * Motorola has incorporated a seamless casing, a soft touch back and a stunning vacuum metal front finish.

* At the core of RAZR2 is a stainless steel internal frame to provide strength and durability. * The huge exterior lens is made with chemically hardened glass to be more scratch resistant.

* Motorola tested the cast aluminum hinge in more than 100,000 lab tests to help ensure that every time a customer flips open the device, it will work perfectly.

* The RAZR2 family’s three new handsets – V9 (3G HSDPA), V9m (EVDO CDMA) and V8 (GSM) - will be available to users of all three major technology networks. * Some versions of RAZR2 will run Linux/Java 5, giving Motorola entry to the next generation of mobile architecture. * The RAZR2 V8 has a completely redesigned User Interface (UI) so consumers can search contacts even faster. This eliminates duplicate entries for the same person while allowing contacts to have multiple numbers. The main menu is customizable, so consumers are never more than 2-3 clicks away from favorite applications, and even messaging is easier; RAZR2 automatically recognizes what type of message consumers are sending.

* With the new ARM 11 processor1, processing speed is 10 times faster than the original RAZR and with high-speed USB 2.0 it only takes 2-3 seconds to transfer a song.

* Motorola CrystalTalk technology on the RAZR2 automatically adjusts audio to ensure clear calls even in a noisy environment.

* RAZR2 V8 “talks” to consumers by speaking the interactive menu, contact lists, emails and messages aloud -- a feature developed for people with visual impairments, but convenient for in-car use6 or when you are on the go. * Without even opening the phone, RAZR2 users can rely on the large external screen to read messages and reply with pre-programmed text messages. * With up to 2GB of memory, the new RAZR2 has enough storage for a trip-sized MP3 collection and stereo Bluetooth wireless enables an easy intergration between MP3 and phone functionality.

* Microsoft Windows Media Player 11 compatibility helps consumers easily purchase, synchronize and transfer their music library to their RAZR2 in only a few minutes. In some models music can be downloaded over the air at near-broadband-like wireless data speeds.

* The external display incorporates Motorola’s breakthrough “haptics” technology, which provides users with vibrating feedback in response to their finger taps. This, combined with the virtual music keys, allows the user to effortlessly control their music. * The Web-browsing experience is reportedly exceptional as the RAZR2 comes with a full HTML browser, and takes advantage of its large internal display and high-speed wireless data connections for faster and bigger surfing.

* Built-in email functionality gives easy, PC-like access to both personal and corporate email accounts.

* Debuting on the RAZR2 family of devices, Motorola has incorporated Google’s powerful new mobile search experience, which helps users quickly and easily get the information they need, bringing them highly relevant results with an absolute minimum of clicks and enabling them to add frequently accessed content to their Google homepage. * The multi-shot feature on the handset’s 2.0 megapixel camera automatically snaps up to eight new pictures so users can choose the best image from a complete series of pictures.

* A new real-time point-to-point video feature allows another wireless customer to “See What I See” while a voice call is in progress. Consumers can also store up to 2 hours of video footage on the device.

Expected to launch in July, you can immediately pre-order RAZR2 at

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