Speculation mounts with the coming of the iPhone

June 8, 2007 If you have a keen eye for the markets, you’ll no doubt have been watching the publicity leading up to the release of the iPhone which is slated for June 29. Could the iPhone go the way of Project Ginger (the Segway) and have a fantastic product dubbed disappointing because expectation was just so high? And just how much influence can one product have on a global company’s market cap? According to John C. Dvorak, if “you follow the rules and sell on good news and buy on the bad, now would be time to short Apple Inc. There is no company out there with this much good news.” The interest in what happens next has seen regular sports bookmakers frame odds and the latest market on what will happen to the value of Apple Inc.'s (AAPL) stock on June 29 is that it is short odds to post a greater percentage gain than AT&T and …

Dvorak’s article can be found here, the bookmaker touting those odds can be found here.

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