Fatal1ty continues to build cyber-athlete profile

June 13, 2007 There are no really valid metrics for the sport of computer gaming, which encompasses multiple platforms, dozens of genres, thousands of titles and a billion regular participants, but all things considered, Johnathan Fatal1ty Wendel is unquestionably the world’s best gamer. The 26 year-old cyber-athlete turned professional in 1999 and has since won more pro comps and prize money than any other gamer, including 10 World titles on FIVE DIFFERENT GAMES. He has won 67% of all the competitions he has entered and been top three in 92% of them. Fatal1ty trains like an athlete at least eight hours a day, running and playing tennis and honing his reflexes, strategies and other requisite skills to ensure he remains the most visible and well remunerated cyber-athlete on the planet. In keeping with the cult of celebrity, Fatal1ty is now beginning to rub shoulders with iconic names in other fields. His latest exploits at Computex Taipei, where he won the final shootout with a scoreline of 74 to minus 3 will only add to the growing legend.

He defeated all comers to win the right to go head-to-head against for $100,000NT in the Computex Taipei. Unfortunately, the local champ became yet another notch on the gaming mouse of the 12-time world champ who is fast becoming a major celebrity. From the first few seconds the final was in no doubt and when the dust settled ten minutes later, the scoreline was 74 to minus 3. Via Techzone

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