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Fuji's fashion-conscious Z10fd digital compact camera

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July 27, 2007 While their 12-megapixel F50fd pushes the boundaries of compact camera resolution, Fujifilm’s concurrent release, the 7.2 megapixel FinePix Z10fd, takes aim at a different demographic altogether. The Z10fd is marketed as a “fashion” camera for the tech-savvy blogger generation. Featuring Fuji’s nifty Face Detection technology, automatic redeye removal, in-camera cropping and image resizing for web use, Infrared image transfer to other IR-equipped devices, plus a range of colours so lairy they’ll give older folk migraines, the Z10fd looks to be a solid mid-range addition to the Fujifilm lineup.

“Face it, Beam it, Blog it” is Fuji’s tagline for the new Z10fd 7.2 megapixel compact, aimed squarely at younger users in a range of bright colours. The new Fuji follows the industry trend of trying to create devices that fit in with the younger generation’s online habits – making photos quick and easy to upload to blogs and other file sharing services. Casio, for example, recently went one step further with its latest EXILIM camera supporting direct upload of videos to YouTube.

The camera shares some of its nifty features with other Fuji compacts – Face Detection auto-detects up to 10 faces in a photo frame and optimises the focus and brightness to emphasise them. It’ll also automatically detect redeye where it occurs and remove it.

Built-in infrared allows instant sharing of photos with other IR-equipped Fuji cameras and other devices such as mobile phones and PDAs. Fuji sees this as a “community” feature that allows groups of people to take one nice group shot and share it, rather than having some poor bystander take 10 different photos with everyone’s different cameras. Another interesting but fairly lightweight feature in this vein is the ability to view all the shots on the camera as an auto-rotating slideshow with included music.

“Blog mode” allows users to crop an image on the Z10fd’s 2.5” LCD screen, then save it as a 640x480 or 320x240 image for quick uploading to websites without the use of any image editing software on the PC. A similar “auction mode” feature lets users stick several pictures of an item together into one image and export to the same sizes for convenient eBay auction use.

The Z10fd sits between the 8-megapixel, 5x optical zoom Z100fd and the 6.3 megapixel Z5fd in the Fuji range, but comprehensively trounces both in the out-there colour stakes. It will be available from September at a retail price of US$199.95.

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