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August 9, 2007 The PhotoViolationMeter is a smart, networked parking meter solution designed to bring efficiency and fairness to everyone involved in the daily chore of finding somewhere to leave the car. Recently tested in the Port of San Francisco, the system is beneficial to both drivers and municipalities in that it provides an easy to maintain wireless system that automatically detects when you are in a parking space so that users pay only for time used, no more, no less.

Developed by Photo Violation Technologies Corp. (PVT), the system gives customers a variety of payment options, including coin and credit card. The meter has an in-ground sensor that detects when the car drives away and a wireless network capability which allows for instant, real-time authorization of customer’s credit cards. When using a credit card a no-fine feature can be used which bills time automatically to your credit card. This feature allows you to park worry-free, knowing you will not run out of time and receive a violation, while paying for only the time used.

For municipalities, the self-enforcing PhotoViolationMeter lightens the workload for enforcement officers. With its ability to detect the presence of a parked car and fine vehicles that have not paid or overstayed, it is expected to bring in 5 times the revenue of traditional parking meters. The parking meter is equipped with a digital camera to photograph vehicles in violation; it simplifies revenue collection for municipalities by allowing them to re-deploy parking meter personnel, while issuing violation notices to 100% of parking violators, thus increasing parking revenue. The PhotoViolationMeter also provides municipalities with valuable data regarding parking usage.

View gallery - 3 images
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