"The Rave” massage and music chair

"The Rave” massage and music chair"

August 17, 2007 New technology isn't all about mobile phones and processing speed - along the way its also given us some elaborate ways in which to recline in style while relaxing, working, or doing both at the same time. This new addition to the comfy chair genre from Tranquil Ease combines four different types of massage that can be synchronized with music to deliver optimum relaxation.

Integrating the latest stress management technology with a sleek design, “The Rave” massage and music chair is available for purchase now for around US$$899. Combining comfort and musical styling the chair offers users a range of massage settings in addition to an in-built storage system for your iPod or MP3 player, though the music player is not included in the price. The music system is however equipped with two dynamic, full-range speakers mounted in the back and a music jack in the arm storage compartment allowing you to plug-and-play straight through the chair.

Users can choose from four pre-programmed massage settings (including Shiatsu and Swedish massage) accessible via fingertip control. And there’s no need to stress about falling asleep and the chair continuing to operate as each of the settings runs for 15 minutes then automatically shuts off. The chair settings are fully adjustable, depending on your needs and sore spots, with the ability to provide deep kneading, tapping, rolling, spot and partial massages.

The most innovative feature of The Rave is the ability of the chair to synchronize your massage to the beat of the music when both functions are in operation. The dual functionality will no doubt add to the overall experience and depth of relaxation achieved by sitting in the chair.

Upholstered in soft, washable micro-fiber fabric the chair is available in five colors (black, brown, grey, green, and red) to suit the look and feel of your lounge room. It stands 39 inches (99cm) tall, 29 inches (74cm) wide and has a seat depth of 20 inches (51cm). When fully reclined it enjoys an overall extended length of 51 inches (130cm). For those seeking additional comfort an ottoman with air massage capabilities is also available.

The Rave is designed to therapeutically promote wellness, relaxation and a stress-free outlook to anyone who graces its seat.

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