RockBand: think Guitar Hero plus drums and vocals

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August 24, 2007 There is no more exciting yet-to-be released video game than the upcoming music-based game, Rock Band. It’s day one at the Games Convention in Liepzig and we haven’t seen everything yet, but we can safely say it’s the release of the show. It has been previously seen at E3 but with ten new tracks announced and the news that a special version announced for the 50 million installed base of PS2s in Europe, the game looks set to smash sales records when it is released in the coming holiday season. Even if you’ve never looked at a game previously, Rock Band might well turn you into a rabid gaming enthusiast. It's like Guitar Hero, except it also delivers bass guitar, drums or vocals and combines the lot so you can play collectively as a group, which multiplies the fun several magnitudes. Gizmag’s gaming blog also managed to get its hands on the game at Liepzig and you can read those first impressions here.

View gallery - 26 images
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