Sleek Audio adjustable in-ear earphone system

SA6 In Ear Earphones

August 31, 2007 MP3 players are available in almost all imaginable sizes, shapes and colors, but when it comes to tailoring headphones to our individual needs, variation is somewhat limited. Sleek Audio has designed a new type of inner ear headphone that gives users the ability to tweak the acoustic and bass levels, like they would with a speaker set. They claim this system will be superior to any other headphone by helping users find their “audio fingerprint” - the specific configuration of bass and treble levels that will deliver the best possible sound for an individual's ear.

The system uses Interchangeable High Frequency Treble Tips to alter the sound of the high frequencies to suit your personal preference. Low frequency response is adjusted via a Variable Bass Port System - the three interchangeable bass filters result in 12db difference at 20 hertz.

In addition to its bass and treble control, the VQ (Variable Equalization) system has customizable wire length and despite the high-end price tag, some users will no doubt appreciate the extra layer of control.

SA6 In Ear Earphones are available for US$249.99.

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