Behr announce draft-free "comfort" vent

Comfort vent.

September 5, 2007 Behr GmbH & Co. have announced a new type of in-cabin air vent that provides three individually adjustable air-flow options, delivering what's billed as world first draft-free air current through the vehicle interior.

Standard car air vents move horizontally and vertically to direct the airflow (which you can never get in exactly the right spot!) or can be closed to prevent air from coming out. The limited capacity of the vents to direct air flow results in drafts being created within the car cabin.

The Comfort vent aims to solve this issue by providing draft-free air current through the vehicle interior, without taking up any additional space. The vehicle occupants can choose between three airflow options:

1. Spot flow: concentrated airflow, focused on a single point.

2. Diffused flow: airflow spread over a wide area.

3. Combined spot and diffused flow: the two basic spot and diffused flow functions can also be combined as desired.

The system uses an additional air duct to that of normal vents allowing the air to be discharged with a circular flow and spread over a wide area. This means that instead of air coming at you from one point, it creates a swirl effect whereby the air is all around you. The draft-free diffused flow creates greater warmth or cooling for drivers and passengers by distributing even air flow around all parts of the body. The Comfort Vent will be fitted to passenger and commercial vehicles during manufacture.

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