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Fence Defence control system

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September 4, 2007 Seventy-five percent of theft from residential and commercial building sites occurs at night and on weekends. In response to ongoing concerns about this problem within the construction industry, UK based Compound Security Systems has announced plans to launch of a new security system designed specifically for temporary compounds such as building sites.

Billed as the first electronic security system ever designed specifically for external temporary compounds such as construction sites, the Fence Defence system consists of two parts - a central control unit which is situated on site and the detection system which is attached to the fence itself. The detection system can be removed in 10 – 20 seconds if fence re-configuration is required.

The battery powered (meaning it needs no fixed power supply) system can operate for over 21 days between charging and is housed in an water tight impact resistant case to ensure that the unit can withstand construction site usage. The zone boxes. Each individual zone box will attach to temporary fencing and monitor two security zones. The control unit can handle up to 16 detection system (or more with a hardware upgrade). If the temporary fencing is broken, tampered with or someone tries to climb over it the zone box will notify the controller of the action and also provide audible warnings to leave the dangerous area.

Site managers can keep up to date with the security situation at jobsites via a GSM dialler which allows activations, deactivations and reports to be sent via text message to up to 10 pre-programmed mobile numbers. The system offers two way talk using radio communication as well as flexibility within various zones for maximum protection of individual zones. Multiple programmable external outputs for CCTV control are available and the ability to access real time logs of all activations, alarms and program changes.

Additional zone boxes can be purchased to monitor inputs other than fencing, these include temporary house alarms; smoke detectors; site plant alarms; tilt alarms; and laser trip wire. For added protection each zone box incorporates an anti-tamper mechanism that guards against unauthorized interference.

The company are the makers of the Mosquito high frequency teenager deterrent system that was released last year. The Mosquito emits an unpleasant ultrasonic high-pitched tone that can generally only be heard by people under 25. Fence Defence to be launched later in September will initially be available to a small number of companies to install this system in the UK.

Compound Security Systems will be demonstrating the system in the UK between August 27th and 21st September.

View gallery - 5 images
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