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September 14, 2007 For those not content with the dreary white, black, chrome and pastel color choices of most MP3 players, this new potable music unit come hip-hop jewelery from MediaREADY could be the answer. Created in response to the popular (but apparently dull) iPod, the 2 GB BLINGPlayer is further evidence of the very blurry line that now separates personal electronic devices and fashion accessories.

The BLINGplayer is portable, ready-to-wear, supports MP3 and MPEG-4 and is also an FM Radio player. It has a full color screen, can store over 30 hours of music and 16 hours of video while the radio memory can store 30 stations. Designed to adorn the neck with a heavy silver chain and silver, jeweled pendant, the goal is to make the wearer look and feel like a rock star. Jewel-encrusted designs including the polished, brushed or skull-and-crossbones dogtag styles can be selected and both the polished and brushed designs allow for customization and personalization by consumers with standard engraving.

Creators MediaREADY have recently signed Look Media to distribute their wild creations in hope to put them in the hands of kids and adults across America. MediaREADY have aligned themselves in the portable media device market offering products and services that provide consumers with new gateways to today's digital media and online services. The players have enjoyed success thus far being spotted around the necks of rap music stars in their videos and at music award ceremonies. If it takes your fancy you can get "iced out" with a 2GB BLINGPlayer for US$199. The base unit costs US$119 and then additional charges apply for the detachable “bling” pendants, chains and headphones to deck out the player. One range of pendants fits iPod Nano for users to dress up the current device. We’re not sure if it will match your suit and tie but it will make the kids think you’re cool.

View gallery - 5 images
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