Speedsailing records tumble at Walvis Bay

Speedsailing records tumble at Walvis Bay Photo: www.speedsurfing.org

September 21, 2007 Speedsailing competitors from all over the world flocked to Walvis Bay in Namibia recently where a combination of high winds and smooth seas saw several records tumble. The fastest run of the week was by Italian Patrick Diethelm, who completed the 500m pass at a blazing average of 43.02 knots – a ground speed of just under 80kmh and a new Italian men’s record.

Blue skies and strong winds made for a very successful competition at Namibia’s Walvis Bay Speedweek as more than 80 speedsurfers lined up for a crack at the 500-metre speed strip.

Speedsurfing is a sprint version of windsurfing in which competitors aim for the fastest possible average time over a 500-metre straight line course. While momentary speeds of nearly 50 knots have been recorded, the outright world record average speed over 500 metres currently stands at 48.7 knots, by Finian Maynard.

New records to fall this weekend included:

Namibian windsurf men: Matthias Roetcher (F2, North) at 40.85 knots

Italian windsurf men: Patrik Diethelm (F2, North) at 43.02 knots

Croatia windsurf men: Oliver Biljman (T1, North at 38.11 knots

Irish windsurf men: Steve Flanagan (North) at 36.10 knots

Visit the International Speedsurfing Association website for further details.

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