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October 22, 2007 Following our report earlier this month that applications had opened for the innovative BoKlok housing project in the UK, approval has been granted for even more of the homes to be built at Gateshead in the UK.

The developer of the housing project, Live Smart @ Home, said it was delighted that councillors this week approved its plans to provide a further 57 BoKlok properties on the existing site at St James Village in Felling. With applications closing for the first BoKlok flats this week the news for more development was welcome.

“The first blocks of flats are already going up at St James and will be ready to move in to by the end of January next year, and now we will be able to build the houses, which will be particularly attractive to families,” said Alan Prole, Managing Director of Live Smart @ Home. The increased planning means a total of 83 homes, 36 one and two-bedrooms flats and 47 two and three-bedroom houses will be built at the St James site at Gateshead.

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