Toyota RiN Concept promotes driver well-being

Toyota RIN Concept

October 22, 2007 Toyota’s RIN Concept will take the stage at the Tokyo Motor Show later this week with a view not only to promote environmental sustainability, but also to encourage the healthy living and well-being of its occupants. Through features such as heated seats that help maintain good back posture, an oxygen-level conditioner and pinpoint humidifier, and the use of green glass to reduce ultraviolet and infrared light and increase cabin comfort, drivers are encouraged to turn their attention to maintaining a healthy mind and body.

Using the motif of the deep-rooted and tall-growing Yakusugi tree (a variety of Japanese cypress), the interior makes use of a “calming” deep green with beige color scheme with the green windows adding to this effect by providing bright and clear illumination.

The four seater RiN also includes image displays aligned with the driver's psychological state that are conveyed within the meter cluster of the "mood-training" steering control and uses sliding doors with a low window designed to bring the occupant “closer to nature”.

Those on the outside are also considered - headlights with light distribution control make life easier for pedestrians and vehicles coming in the opposite direction.

The 40th Tokyo Motor Show starts on October 26th and Gizmag will be on the ground to bring you the latest updates - stay tuned.

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