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October 28, 2007 Gizmag first encountered the rCard – a device about the size of a business card with an interactive screen that displays text, graphics, photos, and slide shows – back in late 2005, and now this novel new technology that lends itself to countless business applications is hitting the market at a cost of around USD$40 (though previous predictions had the price at $25).

The 4.3mm thick incorporates a high-res, full-color screen and a USB port for transmitting information. Its rechargeable battery provides enough power for two hours continuous use on a single charge and it features a memory of up to 1 GB.

The rCard is navigated via two buttons located on the front, right side of the device and the case can be skinned to reflect any company brand, including logo, color, tag line.

The value of the device with the technology in its infancy is not limited to the fact that you can cram a great deal of information onto it - producing such a high-tech alternative to the standard printed business card will certainly leave an impression on clients, particularly at events like trade shows where business people are typically bombarded with huge numbers of business cards, many of which never see the light of day again.

The number of potential business development applications for the device are huge - photo companies can sell them to customers to use as an updateable digital portfolio, real-estate brokers can load images of properties onto the card to tempt prospective buyers, product reps can build relationships by presenting new services on the card to prospects at trade shows or on sales calls, pharmaceutical firms can educate physicians about new treatments via the card and retailers can run promotions and giveaways using information presented on the card.

Individuals can also load their personal medical data on the cards to transport from one doctor’s office to the next and the card becomes an out of the ordinary club membership or loyalty rewards card…. and the list goes on.

“The rCard equips corporations with sophisticated yet simple methods for running consumer contests, showcasing new services, demonstrating new products, promoting trade shows and mobilizing proprietary information. A magnification stripe version is also available for retailers,” said Jet Parker, founder and Chief Visionary Officer of CEO IQ, the exclusive distributor of the rCard.

See the rCard site for a more information.

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