Hitachi's 1.5 inch Ultra Thin HDTVs debut at CES

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Hitachi's 1.5 inch Ultra Thin HDTVs

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More TV news from the CES where Hitachi is introducing its 1.5 inch Ultra Thin LCD HDTVs to the U.S. market. The models will be available to consumers early this year in three sizes: 32”, 37” and 42”

The Ultra Thin 1.5 design features a translucent “crystal frame” surrounding the picture with a semi-transparent inner frame enhancing the impression of precision and feather lightweight.

The thinness and lightness ( the 32” HDTV Monitor weighs just over 24 lbs) of the displays was achieved using micro-lens light diffusion, electronic component miniaturization and a proprietary silent cooling system. These technologies, combined with In Plane Switching (IPS) LCD technology and External Electrode Fluorescent Lamp (EEFL) technologies, create a display that offers greater power efficiency, better and more flexible color accuracy and a longer overall life span.

The 1.5 inch range boasts has full HD Resolution (1920x1080p), high-speed image processing, deep color, a wide viewing angle - with a vertical and horizontal angle of 178 degrees - and Hitachi’s Proprietary “Anti-Judder” Reel120TM Technique.

Audio is supplied by Hitachi’s newly developed fully enclosed-type speakers located at the left and right sides of the bottom of the monitor and energy efficient functions such as “auto power off,” to conserve energy. and a “video power save”, which switches to stand-by mode when there is no signal coming into the TV, are featured in the designs.

“The buzz and excitement about our new ‘1.5’ line has been building around the world for months, so we are thrilled and proud to now introduce and demonstrate the products to a U.S. audience,” said Daniel Lee, vice president of marketing for Hitachi America, Ltd., Ubiquitous Platform Systems Division.

View gallery - 2 images
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