Infiniti's Emerg-e range-extended electric sports car breaks cover

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The Geneva Motor Show will see the debut of the Infiniti Emerg-e Electric Sports Car on March 6, no doubt in the presence of Infiniti's global Brand Ambassador, Sebastien Vettel

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Infiniti's long-awaited electric sportscar is now just a week away from all being revealed, with Infiniti leaking official photos of the car during the last few days. The curvaceous Emerg-e will be unveiled on March 6, no doubt by reigning F1 champion and Infiniti Brand Ambassador Sebastien Vettel. Details of the powertain are still scarce prior to the launch, but it is known to include a gas-powered range extender.

The pics appeared on Carscoop late last week, labelled as official Infiniti images.

Several teaser images have been officially released prior to the leaking of the images this week. All of them are also included in the image library for his story.

Infiniti, it should be remembered, is the prestige brand for Nissan, one of the pioneers of the electric vehicle. Infiniti is also closely associated with Renault, the European manufacturer with a strong commitment to electric vehicles.

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