COOL-ER e-reader to go 3G

The colorful range of COOL-ER e-book readers

Interead's COOL-ER e-book reader was designed to be simple, affordable and stylish. Looking very Apple-esque in appearance, the e-reader also weighs less than an average paperback, comes in eight colors, supports all of the major formats and offers eight menu languages. The company says it was an e-reader "designed by readers, for readers". And from next year, COOL-ER readers will also benefit from Wifi and 3G functionality.

Launched earlier this year, the 183 x 118 x 11mm (7.21 x 4.64 x 0.43in) COOL-ER is capable of holding around 800 e-books (expandable via card slot), its Li-Polymer battery should be good for 8000 page turns between charges and it weighs 40 percent less than other readers on the market, at only 5.6 ounces (178g).

Interead claims that its durable plastic casing can safely be left out in the sun without it getting too hot to handle. Like its competitors, it sports a six inch e-ink screen which benefits for eight levels of grayscale. It's powered by a 400MHz ARM processor and runs on a Linux backbone. Users have access to over a million books from the company's bookstore but to transfer e-books onto the device, connection to a PC or Mac is necessary.

From the next generation however, that's going to change. From mid-2010 users will be able to benefit from an agreement signed with AT&T which sees WiFi and 3G models being released. Interead has also announced a partnership with NewspaperDirect which will give users access to over 1300 newspapers and magazines from across the globe.

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