Internode offers 100 Mbps fiber to the home

Optical fiber - fast and pretty too

February 26, 2009 When it comes to the Internet there is no such thing as too fast so homebuyers at greenfield housing developments around Australia will be happy to learn that ISP Internode has partnered with housing estate specialist Opticomm to deliver Australia’s fastest commercial residential broadband services via Fiber to the Home (FTTH) technology, which connects the fiber optical cables right up to the house.

Internode's first Home Fiber services will be connected at Queensland's Fernbrooke estate located 32km southwest of the Brisbane CBD, which comprises more than 1000 homes built around 20 hectares. Plans will start at AUD$49.95 (USD$32.50 at the time of publication) a month for a service with a 25Mbps downstream speed and a 5GB download quota. Home Fiber services are also available at downstream speeds of 50Mbps and100 Mbps with the plans topping out at AUD$184.95 (USD$120.20 at the time of publication) for a 100GB download quota with a downstream speed of 100Mbps and upstream speed of 5Mbps. And Internode is quick to point out that unlike many of the “peak” speeds quoted with traditional ADSL2+ services, the quoted downstream speed is actually delivered to the home's Ethernet port.

While FTTH is becoming more and more popular internationally with statistics showing more than 13 million FTTH-connected homes in Japan, six million in the US, a similar number in China and nearly two million FTTH subscribers in Europe, FTTH has been practically non-existent in Australia due to its size and relatively low population. Internode hopes to do their bit to change this with a dozen projects planned for housing developments around the country.

Darren Quick

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