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Whenever Apple is set to release a new product, a significant chunk of the web becomes a firehose of rumors, buzz, cheerleading, vitriol, and the occasional piece of actual news. We've scoured the web and assembled a roundup of all the significant iPad news from the last week, so you don't have to.

The first shipment of iPads has already sold out, meaning if you haven't already pre-ordered one, you'll be waiting until April 12th to get one [Apple Store] unless you head down to your local Best Buy, who should have about five of each model on hand for launch day. [Engadget]

Much like the iPhone trademark, which was originally held by Cisco, Apple decided to use the iPad name despite Fujitsu's existing iPad device and trademark - which Apple acquired from Fujitsu on March 17. [PatentAuthority]

Don't be ashamed about lusting over the iPad - it appears that over 500,000 have been ordered to date [9to5mac] and even the United States Army is looking at how it can use the iPad in business, and on the battlefield. [army.mil]

If you're firmly of the belief that the iPad won't reach its full potential without a jailbreak, Whiz kid George Hotz, aka GeoHot, claims to have developed an untethered jailbreak for the iPod touch 2G/3G and iPhone 3GS that "will probably work on the iPad too". [On the iPhone]

Curious about what kind of damage iPad content will do to your wallet? Esquire is looking at ad-free issues for $2.99, Men's Health will cost the newsstand price of $4.99 an issue, and an iPad subscription to the Wall Street Journal will set you back $17.99 a month [WSJ] while "iBooks" are still up in the air - jumping between $9.99 to $12.99 for NYT best sellers. [AppAdvice]

Perhaps you're wondering exactly what the appeal of a giant iPod touch is? App previews are starting to appear from the likes of Yahoo! and Instapaper. Solidifying my original perception of the iPad as a musician's wet-dream come true, check out the iPad version of Nota, a piano app, and Mixr, a DJ application.

If the iPad itself will empty your wallet, and you're wondering what kind of content will be available for free, it appears that 30,000+ public domain books from Project Gutenberg will be available on launch. [AppAdvice]

Wondering what the iPad App Store will look like? AppAdvice and AppAnnie have both managed to find their way into it, and taken plenty of screenshots.

Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments.

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