iPhone 5 created from leaked parts and plans

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Inside the home-assembled iPhone 5

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We've been hearing quite a few rumors about what the anticipated iPhone 5 will look like, which is no surprise. But if a set of photos from Japanese repair shop iLab making its way around the web is to be believed, someone has gone a step further and attempted to assemble what the new iPhone could look like based on the leaked parts we've heard about so far.

From what I can tell from the translated version of the original iLab post, the author made use of some of the leaked parts and plans that have been reported to be part of the next iPhone. They proceeded to put together the black iPhone in the photos, which doesn't look like a major departure from previous models.

According to the author, the cobbled-together iPhone they were used to create winds up being lighter, thinner and offering a higher-quality exterior than its predecessors.

Of course, what happens in one Japanese repair shop is likely much different than the processes that go into making the real thing at huge factories in China, Brazil and elsewhere. It will be interesting to see how close this extracurricular project is to the actual iPhone 5.

Source: iLab via 9to5Mac

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