Lane departure data collection system for commercial vehicles

Iteris' lane departure warning (LDW) data collection system

March 31, 2008 Traffic management technology maker Iteris has released the first commercially available lane departure warning (LDW) data collection system for the heavy truck market. Safety Direct analyzes real-time data captured by Iteris’ LDW system and relays the information directly to fleet operators through integration with the truck’s existing fleet communications system.

Safety Direct provides an immediate warning to fleet operators if their drivers are having difficulty staying in their lanes - usually the first indicator of driver drowsiness or other potential problems that truck drivers experience. By being able to collect and analyze LDW data in real-time, fleet safety managers are able to proactively manage large truck safety initiatives. It also helps to create an opportunity to initiate contact with drivers prior to an accident, potentially saving lives and significant expense.

Iteris’ LDW system was the first-of-its-kind to be deployed in the commercial truck and passenger car markets. Key features of the vision-based system include the ability to differentiate between planned and unplanned lane departures, auto-shut-down below 37mph and zero ongoing maintenance (apart from keeping the windshield clean).

To date over 50,000 LDW systems have been sold by Iteris to the heavy truck market. “Safety Direct™ is an exciting new development for Iteris and a logical next step for our LDW technology,” said Abbas Mohaddes, Iteris’ president and chief executive officer.

Recent LDW news from the consumer car market includes new systems from Volvo and SAAB.

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