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The JOBO photoGPS fits the hot-shoe of most cameras

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What’s worse than having to watch Aunt May’s and Uncle Stan’s ridiculously long digital ‘slide show’ of their recent European vacation? Listening to them argue over where each photo was taken, and what it is. If they’d had a JOBO photoGPS attached to their camera's hot-shoe, your saga would be over in six hours, not 16! The JOBO photoGPS fits most cameras and captures the geo-data of each photo's location. This allows photographers to know the location of each shot and automatically search, sort and organize their pictures according to country, city, street using the Organizer software that comes with the unit.

When a photographer takes a picture with a digital camera with the photoGPS attached to the camera’s hot-shoe, JOBO’s photoGPS automatically captures raw GPS data and stores this information in its own internal memory. When the photographs are loaded onto a PC or Mac in their typical way, the raw GPS data can be transferred as well using the included JOBO photoGPS software. Matching times and locations is quick and easy, since the photos and raw GPS data were captured simultaneously.

Next, the JOBO photoGPS server (accessible via the Internet) provides historic GPS satellite information corresponding to the times the raw GPS data was recorded. This is used by JOBO’s PC software to calculate the locations, reverse geocodes them, and geotags the photos with the resulting location information such as country, region and district, city, postal code, street name, and nearby points of interest (POIs) such as tourist attractions, beaches, mountain peaks, museums, theaters, sport stadiums, parks, etc. In addition, latitude, longitude and altitude are also available.

Hence, this shows exactly where the photo was taken. The Organizer software can also enable photographers to collate and view all their images from a certain location, regardless of how many days apart they were taken.

While GPS units for cameras aren't new (many brands now have built-in units) the JOBO unit fits existing cameras without cables or any fuss.

JOBO photoGPS is accurate to within 10m (30ft) and collects its data via Tele Atlas map material (country, city, street, POI – around 1000). It supports JPEG, RAW with XMP sidecar file. It’s powered by an internal rechargeable Li-poly batter (120mAh). Status information is delivered via two LEDs. Charging is done using the USB cable.

The unit supports Windows XP (SP2), Vista (SP1) and Mac (Intel processor). It weighs a measly 80g (2.8oz) and consumes a tiny amount of power. The JOBO photoGPS bundle includes USB cable, CD-ROM with photoGPS matching software, Organizer and viewing software, and costs around USD$159.

Maybe the only argument between Aunt May and Uncle Stan will be over who took the shot.

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