LazyTruth hunts down urban myths in your inbox

LazyTruth is an app that searches your inbox for untruthful viral emails, and provides you with a rebuttal to send in reply

Pretty much everyone has that one wide-eyed person in their lives who is constantly forwarding them emails about things like airplanes that disperse mind-control drugs, maniacs who hide under parked cars, and major corporations that are run by Satanists. While you may think about setting these people straight – and thereby helping to quell the online flood of malarkey – it can be a hassle finding the proper information to send them. That’s where the LazyTruth inbox widget comes in.

LazyTruth works by searching through your received messages, looking for specific phrases associated with some of the most common viral emails that make bogus claims. When it finds one, it composes an email rebuttal, which includes links to sources that refute the content of the offending message. Those sources include fact-checking and/or urban myth websites such as PolitiFact and

Instead of having to perform some Googling and then figuring out what to say, all you have to do is send the provided message – be aware, however, that the recipients might not appreciate your attempt at enlightening them. In any case, even if you don’t act on the information it provides, LazyTruth could still at least serve to alert you to the untruth of viral emails that you might otherwise be tempted to believe.

The app isn’t live yet, but should soon be available on Google Marketplace.

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