LEGO Architecture Studio kit targets budding builders

The LEGO Architecture Studio Kit is available now, for US$149.99

Ever fancied yourself a budding Frank Lloyd Wright, but don't much relish the prospect of undertaking years of hard study learning the trade? Of course you have, and of course you don't. LEGO knows this, so has produced the Architecture Studio Kit to save you the trouble.

Intended for creative minds of 16 years and over, the LEGO Architecture Studio contains more than 1,200 bricks, which are either colored white or transparent. It also contains a 272-page guidebook with tips, techniques, and features which were written in collaboration with leading architects to help you create your own LEGO-based architectural masterpieces.

The kit received endorsement by several architects which have frequented Gizmag's pages, including SOM, MAD Architects, and Sou Fujimoto Architects.

The LEGO Architecture Studio Kit is available now, directly from LEGO, at a price of US$149.99.

Source: LEGO via PSFK

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