Lenovo’s IdeaCentre Horizon Table PC shown off at CES Unveiled

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The Lenovo IdeaCentre Horizon Table PC multi-user interface

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Lenovo stole the show today at the CES Unveiled event with its brand new IdeaCentre Horizon Table PC. It's a 27-inch multi-user PC that looks to change the way you engage and interact with a PC. It allows users to play game together, while sitting around the touchscreen. We had the chance to play with the new computer on the show floor, it definitely felt unlike a computing experience we've had before.

A major focus of the demonstration at CES was on gaming. The team showed off how physical peripherals can be placed on the screen to play games. For example, the Lenovo folks demonstrated a top-down shooter where up to four players place joysticks on the screen to control the movement and aiming of the characters. The demo also included an air hockey game where physical paddles were used to shoot the puck.

Having played the games myself, I can honestly say that they worked better than expected. Of course, trying to become accustomed to a new method of controlling a game on the show floor of CES is less than optimal, but it felt comfortable and natural.

When the tablet is flat, it features the Lenovo Aura multi-user, multi-touch interface. The Horizon can get access to the Lenovo App Shop, a dedicated apps store powered by Intel AppUp, giving users access to 5,000+ multi-user entertainment apps. It also comes preloaded with games and educational apps.

When the computer is turned up, it becomes a standard Windows 8 machine that can do all the things you expect it to. It's powered by a line of Intel Core i7 processors, so it should be able to handle some demanding tasks, both while in normal PC and Lenovo Aura multi-user mode.

Lenovo expects to have the new multi-user PC available in the early summer (Northern Hemisphere) of 2013. It will come with a starting price of US$1,699. Of course, the price will vary a great deal depending on the options and specifications.

Source: Lenovo

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