Designers turn a Lexus CT hybrid into clothing

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The Valve Collection was designed by jewelry creator Eddie Borgo using valve lifters, crank bearings and hose clamps

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Recycling an old car seems like a reasonable idea, but what about recycling it into clothes? Lexus recently challenged four designers to create fashion masterpieces out of a dismantled Lexus CT hybrid as part of an advertising campaign. Photos of models wearing the final products will be pictured in the January 2012 edition Vogue.

Lexus says the CT hybrid is 90% recyclable (based on ISO 22628 standards) and while the results of the promotional stunt designed to highlight this fact might not find your their way into your everyday wardrobe (this is high-fashion after all), they still look pretty magnificent:

  • "Environmental Crown of Virtue" - A truly head-turning piece designed by Moss Lipow using a transmission starter and exhaust manifold gasket.
  • "The Valve Collection" - Designed by jewelry creator Eddie Borgo using valve lifters, crank bearings and hose clamps.
  • "Nomadic Sanctuary" - A sleek trench coat, shorts and clutch designed by John Patrick, featuring floor mats made from plant-based plastic, sustainable sound-dampening material, wire harness, leather seat covers and cargo covers
  • "The Luna Shoe" - Created by Alejandro Ingelmo using armrest leather trim and clear plastic tubing
  • Curious how they were able to make it all happen? Check out the video below for a more in-depth look at the process.

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