Lexus Premium Compact Concept at Frankfurt

Toyota will reveal a new Lexus concept car in Frankfurt next month that will "raise the bar in the premium compact segment."

Lexus, Toyota's premium auto brand, is to show a concept car at Frankfurt next month which will demonstrate “a mix of technical innovation and ground-breaking design that promises to raise the bar in the premium compact segment”. Given that's effectively what Toyota already did with the IQ - which is now in production - we're quite looking forward to seeing what the world's market leader delivers.

This is the only image we have to date – an “official sketch” giving the first indications of the design direction. It's the technologies they intend to deploy “to demonstrate key Lexus strengths in a compact package” that we're most interested in. Noise-canceling interiors would be nice … and a dial-a-ride, active suspension so you can go from go-kart to Bentley Mulsanne at the flick of a switch.

The Lexus press conference at the Frankfurt Motor Show (IAA) on 15 September will reveal all.

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