Liquid Image offers hands-free underwater image capture

Take "hands-free" photographs and video with Liquid Image Underwater Digital Camera Mask

The Liquid Image Underwater Digital Camera Mask is a unique two-in-one mask and camera solution that allows you to take hands-free photographs and video underwater. Suitable for use in the pool or the sea, the camera mask could ensure you never miss that magical underwater moment. Taking photographs or video is so simple; you line up your shot using the crosshair marks on the mask and push the capture button.

The camera mode is indicated by LED lights within the viewing area of the mask. The camera has 16 MB SD RAM of internal memory but if you need more room for images and video, the Micro SD Card slot will allow you to upgrade the memory when required. The supplied software will allow you to manipulate your images and video and a USB cable is also supplied so you can then share them with family and friends. It has an LCD display and is powered by 2 AAA alkaline 1.5V batteries.

The mask is water proof to 5 meters (15 ft) but has been successfully tested to 35 meters (115 ft) and images can be captured to a distance of 1.2 meters (5 ft). The 3.1MP model holds up to 33 high resolution images (or 55 low resolution) and retails for AUD$99.95 (approx. USD$80 at time of publication) whilst the 5.0MP model holds up to 29 high resolution images (or 45 low resolution) and retails for AUD$159.95 (approx. USD$130 at time of publication). See Liquid Image for further information.

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