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Nir Meiri's Marine Light (Photo: Nir Meiri)

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At last, those agonizing about what to do with all that spare seaweed they have lying around the place can take a leaf (or perhaps frond) out of Nir Meiri's book. The Tel Aviv-based designer's Marine Light amply demonstrates that dried seaweed can make rather a natty lampshade.

To make the Marine Light, Meiri applies fresh seaweed to the metal frame of the shade. The weed shrinks as it dries, conforming to the frame's shape. Add some preservative and Bob's your angelfish.

Meiri dropped in at the Milan Design Week last month, there to wow attendees with the Marine Light's pleasing translucent greenness. "The product plays on the tension between the artistic and the commercial," Meiri writes on the Marine Light webpage, typical of the designer's approach to using natural materials in creating otherwise familiar everyday objects.

Our investigations are ongoing, but early signs suggest that sticking crispy seaweed to an ordinary lampshade produces less satisfactory results.

Source: Nir Meiri, via Dezeen

View gallery - 7 images
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