The bewildering Minitopz PC from Artopz

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The Deluxz model is perhaps the best looking of the lot, utilizing soft leather and white accent lights.

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We’ve seen some weird and wacky PC designs in our time, but few are as surreal as the Minitopz range from US firm Artopz Technology. The fusion of art and computing is entirely a subjective one, so we won’t cast too many opinions on the actual design, but what is intriguing here is that the Minitopz range has chosen the humble desk lamp as the subject of its hybrid.

It actually is a desk lamp as well, combining optic light panels to create an ambient effect that’s tied to the active state of the computer inside, as well as being able to operate independently.

Funky design or no, the ‘PC’ part is obviously of great importance, and luckily Artopz has realized this and its range is relatively well specced for a mini-PC style design. An Intel Atom N330 1.6GHz dual-core processor sits at its heart, along with a 128GB solid state drive for the operating system and a separate 500GB hard drive for data. The GeForce 9400M graphics means 1080p playback, Blu-ray and DirectX10 support all come as standard. There’s 4GB of DDR2 memory and a range of connectivity that includes HDMI, six USB2.0 ports, VGA, an RJ45 LAN connection and stereo audio out.

As you can see from the images above, all of this connectivity is tucked around the back of the polished aluminum base, and a slot at the side offers access to a multi DVD burner.

Three designs include the Lavaz (US$2450), finished in black stone with ruby-red lights, the Romanz (US$2375), which is made with brushed bronze, and the limited edition Deluxz (US$3450), which comes with leather front covers, a clear or black aluminum stand and white accent lights.

Since each unit is built to order, there’s a wait of between four and seven weeks if you’re thinking of a purchase. All machines are supplied with a two year parts and labor warranty. Check out the official site for more information.

View gallery - 5 images
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