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We've aggregated all the latest news on the Nexus One so you don't have to. An impressive market share on debut, worldwide release on Vodafone, European multi-touch, 3G reception issues on T-Mobile, 150 million good reasons why the Nexus One will succeed, angry Dick. Read on for more.

Clicky, a web analytics platform, has started seeing the Nexus One browsing the 170,000+ websites it tracks, and the phone has already captured a 0.54% market share of the smartphone market. How much of this is reviewers reviewing, or Google eating their own dogfood (many Google employees are using the Nexus One) is an exercise left to the reader. [Clicky]

It's not just Vodafone in Europe that will be selling the Nexus One. Vodafone Hutchinson Australia has told ZDNet that the agreement with Google covers all Vodafone territories. The Nexus One will arrive in the UK "within weeks" and Australia "sometime 2010". [ZDNet]

As expected, a Nexus One review unit provided to German website Heise had multi-touch enabled, unlike US versions of the phone. [Engadget]

Google's Mobile Help forum is home to more than a few people who are claiming the Nexus One is having issues with 3G reception that the ancient T-Mobile G1 doesn't. Would any early-adopters in the audience care to chime in on this one? [Gizmodo]

Nick Bilton at the New York Times points to one reason in particular he thinks the Nexus One will succeed - Google is advertising the device directly below the search bar on, a site that receives 142.3 million visitors per month, according to Quantcast. NYT]

The estate of Philip K. Dick, author of 'Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?', is upset at Google's use of Nexus in the name of the new smartphone, believing it infringes on the estate's IP, namely the Nexus-6 androids found in the novel and its movie adaptation, Blade Runner. [WSJ]

Famous Android hacker Cyanogen has already released a hacked ROM for the Nexus One, which adds speed optimizations and wired and wireless tethering. His words "Something to play with for now" suggest there's much more in store for the Nexus One. [XDA Developers]

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