Are mothers the hardest people to shop for? With mother's day looming you may be hitting a blank in coming up with the ideal gift for mom. We're here to help with 10 tech-infused gifts perfect for the nerdy mom who loves her gadgets, or the digital-phobic matriarch that needs to be eased in to the 21st century.

Amazon Alexa


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This is the perfect time to introduce your mom to Amazon Alexa. Even if you don't have an specific smart home devices to connect up to yet this is a great entry point into voice-controlled systems allowing your mom to get the weather, a recipe or listen to her favorite radio station just by asking aloud. Amazon have a heap of different options for getting into the Alexa game from the original Echo, to the smaller Echo Dot or even the portable Amazon Tap.

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Buy the Echo Dot for $49.99.

Kindle E-Reader

Amazon dominate the e-reader market with a series of different Kindle models to suit all occasions. Check out our big comparison guide for a good rundown of the differences between the various models. Currently you can grab most models for a $20 discount so load it up with your mom's favorite writers.

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Phone-charging Wristlet

This is a guaranteed winner of a gift with every mom needing a handbag and an easy way to keep her phone charged up. We have two options at different ends of the fashion spectrum here. The Sakroots Charging Wristlet has a battery pack sown into its lining offering a cheap and efficient way to incorporate a charger, while the Everpurse X Kate Spade is the more fancy designer-chic option with a wire-free pocket to slip your phone into.

Buy the Sakroots Charging Wristlet now, on sale for $24.25.

Buy the Everpurse X Kate Spade now for $188.

Bluetooth Speaker Clutch

Another two-in-one tech innovation is this clutch that also functions as a Bluetooth speaker. It can also pair with your phone and function as a speakerphone while also charging your devices when on the go. It's the epitome of undercover-tech.

Buy the Stelle Audio Mini-Clutch Speaker now for $149.99.


A Fitbit is a great gift idea for any health-conscious mom out there. There are a few different options you could go for depending on who you are shopping for. The Fitbit Blaze is the smart-watch model, probably best for the mom that needs easing into the whole fitness tracker world. The Alta HR on the other hand is the pick of the bunch for extra features including heart rate monitoring and sleep tracking systems.

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Buy the Fitbit Alta HR now with a 14% discount at $128.99.

Smart Jewelry

The Ringly Smart Ring is probably the most fascinating piece of smart jewelry we have come across. Customizable with four different vibration patterns, the ring pairs with your phone and can notify you of phone calls, emails, texts and apps. It also functions as an activity tracker logging steps and calories burned. For the mom who needs to be connected and stylish at the same time.

Buy the Ringly Aries Smart Ring now for $195.

For the nerd-mom

Is your mom a secret Star Wars or Star Trek geek? Thinkgeek have a great solution for the nerd-mom with these necklaces, either BB-8 for the new-school fan or a bit of Starfleet glam for the classic Trekker. For those a little less bling inclined, get your mom a Death Star teapot and mug set.

Buy the Gold BB-8 Pendant at 50% off for $29.99.

Buy the Starfleet Trillion Necklace for $129.99.

Buy the Death Star Teapot and Mug for $24.99.


Maybe the best way to give your mom some peace and quiet is to get her a good set of wireless, noise-canceling headphones. These are two of our favorites on the market and they're sure to drown out the noise of everyone in the house.

Buy the Sony MDR1000X now for $398.

Buy the Bose Quiet Comfort 35 now for $349.

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