Motor Oil goes “Green”

Green Earth Technologies G-Oil™

November 6, 2007 Green Earth Technologies has announced a completely biodegradable motor oil which the company claims is the “first bio-based, high-endurance motor oil to provide superior performance during the maximum oil change interval recommended by vehicle manufacturers”.

G-OIL is made from tallow acquired from American beef farmers - so as well as its environmental credentials the product has no dependence on foreign oil – and will enter US Market in a range of performance levels and viscosities to suit gasoline, diesel, or hybrid engines.

The US market alone is worth an estimated $7 billion – meaning not only is it a huge market, but there’s also a sea of hazardous waste oil out there.

When mixed with another product known as G-DISPOSOIL™, used G-OIL™ can be converted into soil. The process sees used G-Oil™ into more biodegradable smaller molecules in less than one second which can then be eaten by the microorganisms naturally found in soil.

The production process is also said to be more efficient than petroleum-based oils: it takes nearly three barrels of conventional oil to make one barrel of product; whereas Green Earth say they have developed a way to yield one barrel of product from one barrel of animal fat.

Earlier this year Nano Chemical Systems announced NanOil(TM) - the first commercially offered organic synthetic oil which uses a patent pending process where nano-sized molybdenum metal ball bearings are immersed in the oil made from the byproducts of the Palm Bio-diesel production process.

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