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March 1, 2008 There’s nothing worse than finding a jar in the back of the fridge and testing the contents with your nose only to discover the contents have turned rancid or pouring milk into your morning coffee and seeing it curdle before your eyes. DaysAgo, the digital day counter which attaches to opened food containers and tells you when the contents need to go straight to the trash can, has a new accessory. “The band” is designed to be used on non-metal or odd-shaped containers, allowing you to use the timer on many more items.

Complementing the Suction and Magnetic versions already available, each package of Band DaysAgo comes with a large six-inch band which can be used to wrap around large items such as cartons or bottles of milk and a smaller three-inch band which can be used around items such as medications or juice boxes. The back of the Band DaysAgo can also fit other rubber band-type attachments.

DaysAgo was invented by two friends, Kathleen Whitehurst and Debbie Stephens Stauffer, with the idea originating from a desire to stop throwing away jars of half-eaten food and to make sure the food in their refrigerators was safe for their families.

The Band is sold in a package of two for USD$10 (as are the magnetic and suction versions). There's also "The Pink", a suction style timer with pink accents created to promote breast cancer awareness, which sells at $5 for one unit.

Further info at DaysAgo.

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