Nissan unveils system to provide household electricity from all-electric LEAF

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Nissan has unveiled a new power system that allows a LEAF to provide electricity to a house

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Nissan has unveiled a new power supply system that allows electricity stored in the lithium-ion batteries of the all-electric Nissan LEAF to be supplied to a house. With the LEAF's batteries able to store up to 24 kWh of electricity, Nissan says the system could supply the average Japanese household with electricity for about two days. This would be enough to provide a stable electricity supply in the event of power outages or to allow consumers to store cheaper off-peak power for use in high demand periods.

Nissan unveiled the system at the 'Kan-kan-kyo' demonstration house built by Osaka-based homebuilder Sekisui House Ltd. in front of the Nissan Global Headquarters in Yokohama. The system connects the car to the house's electricity distribution panel using a connector linked to the LEAF's quick charging port. The connector complies with the CHAdeMO Association's protocol for quick chargers and allows the system to not only supply electricity from the vehicle but also to it for charging.

Nissan says the system will allow households to be supplied with a stable amount of electricity throughout the day and reduce the burden on the current power supply by charging and storing electricity in the LEAF with electricity generated at night or through sustainable methods such as solar and wind power, for use in high demand periods. The system uses a 200V single-phase three wire system and the operation display panel shows battery power, output voltage and output current, as well as allowing for switching the electricity charge between supplies.

The system will be compatible with existing Nissan LEAFs, and Nissan says it is continuing development and study of how the system can be fully aligned and connected with current power systems. The company aims to commercialize the system this financial year.

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