Ouya CEO hints at Hulu, Netflix, Google integration

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The Ouya started as a project on Kickstarter to create an open-source, inexpensive, Android-based gaming console. In less than a year, it has graduated from crowdfunding pie in the sky to a whole new gaming ecosystem, and Ouya's founder, Julie Uhrman, now says she expects deals to be in place in the coming months that will also allow Ouya to function as a de facto set-top box.

During a recent keynote interview at South By Southwest Interactive in Austin, Texas, Uhrman said she "feels pretty confident" that Ouya will have streaming video available via a native app from a few major names, which could include the likes of Hulu, Amazon, Netfix and Google.

Uhrman said that if the streaming video app isn't available when Ouya launches at retail outlets in the U.S. in June, it should be forthcoming shortly thereafter.

She said the company is also talking with manufacturers of other devices like Blu-ray players and televisions about possible partnerships.

"We're talking to everyone," said Uhrman.

Ouya is currently in the process of starting to ship out consoles to those who backed the project on Kickstarter last summer. Special developer kits went out a few months ago. The final consumer product will be sold at a handful of major retailers, including Amazon, Target and Best Buy.

Uhrman told the SXSW audience that her team will continue to develop the Ouya system up until the June retail release,including tweaks to the user interface, content and curation of the Ouya store.

Ouya has already announced integration of other third-party services, including OnLive, TuneIn and XBMC.

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