Peugeot unveils compact Urban Crossover Concept in Beijing

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Peugeot's Urban Crossover Concept SUV features the company's new "smiling grille"

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In the wake of the Bentley EXP 9 and Lamborghini Urus showings, yet another SUV has been unveiled at the 2012 Beijing Motor Show in the form of Peugeot’s Urban Crossover Concept. Essentially a refinement of the SXC Crossover Concept that appeared at the 2011 Shanghai Motor Show, the new concept vehicle is a compact SUV designed primarily for urban driving.

Leveraging its expertise in the compact car segment, Peugeot’s Urban Crossover Concept measures just 4.14 m (13.58 ft) long and 1.74 m (5.71 ft) wide. There are no details as to what lays under the hood, but the front end features the company’s new floating “smiling grille,” while the roofline was inspired by the RCZ coupé. The RCZ was also the inspiration for the double-bubble roofline and the aluminum spoiler mounted on the lip of the rear hatch.

The vehicle’s headlamps, coupled with the grille, are designed to give the car a “feline” look, which extends to the rear LED’s that light up in three lines to represent three floating claws of the company’s signature lion.

For those looking to escape the city, where the vehicle would most likely spend most of its time were it to enter production, the Urban Crossover features a raised body and large wheels.

Peugeot hasn’t revealed any plans to take the Urban Crossover Concept into production, but given the market popularity of the compact SUV segment and the fact that this latest concept features many of the same style cues seen on the SXC concept, signs are good that something similar will hit the market in the future.

Source: Peugeot

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