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The New Slimline Montana

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November 21, 2008 Before television became the new opiate of the masses the fireplace was the focal point of many living rooms. This design lets you combine the two. Picture House TV Furniture produce fully working fireplaces that conceal your plasma screen at the push of a button and their latest offering - the Slimline Montana - can house up to a 50-inch TV and includes space for hiding DVD and cable equipment.

Measuring 334mm front to back, the marble finish Montana puts out 2kW of heat and because its a free-standing unit that doesn’t require a chimney or flue, it can move house with you.

The remote control is used adjust the heat as well as lift the TV to viewing height and make it disappear again. When concealed the TV switches off automatically rather than remain on standby so it also saves on power and emissions.

“My living room looked soulless with this big black box on the wall – so I came up with this idea of concealing the plasma TV inside a working fireplace – which creates one focal point for the room,” says Australian-born inventor David Free.

Other finish options include pebbles, lava rock, woodland log or driftwood. Prices start from £4,000.

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