Posilight - look for it in your grocer's freezer

A Posilight mono LED strip

If you’re trying to reduce your carbon footprint, replacing traditional fluorescent tube lighting with more energy-efficient alternatives is a good way to start. And when most of us think fluorescents, we think ceiling lights. The fact is, though, a great deal of the world’s fluorescent lights are installed somewhere else - in grocery store coolers and freezers. The creators of a new product called Posilight are hoping to replace those tubes with their own LED-based product that will save power, save money, and save food.

The Posilight is a strip of LED’s, mounted on a unit the same shape and size as a fluorescent tube. That unit and its power supply plug straight into a traditional fluorescent fixture, so no retrofitting is required. It is said to have several advantages over old-school fluorescents:

  • It uses up to 85% less energy
  • It lasts for approximately 50,000 hours
  • Proprietary Near Field lighting technology results in a more even light, so the merchandise looks better
  • It gives off less heat, so the cooler’s compressor doesn’t have to work as hard to compensate for it
  • Because it gives off no ultraviolet rays, the food it’s illuminating will last longer
  • It’s mercury- and lead-free

The Posilight is available in a variety of lengths, and in mono (one-strip) and duo (two-strip) versions. It's very reminiscent of a product we've seen on Gizmag before, offered by ReLED Systems.

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