Recharge Electric mower helps keep your lawn 'green'

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Recharge Mower electric mower is charged overnight and provides up to three hours of mowing time

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There’s nothing like the smell of freshly-cut grass to bring back fond childhood memories of summer…alongside less fond memories of the sickly, sweet smell of mower fuel and the sound of cursing all over the neighborhood as people failed to get their lawn mower started. It’s no wonder that electric mowers have become so popular in recent times given they are easy to operate, quiet, require little maintenance and don’t strain your back (or your good mood) trying to start them. They are also much better for the environment than their fuel-guzzling two-stroke engine ancestors. The Recharge Mower offers all these benefits - and you don't have to push it.

Electric lawn mowers have certainly come a long way since the advent of the world’s first electric hover mower – the Flymo - which was introduced way back in 1969. In recent years we've seen fully automated electric lawn mowing systems and even a robot mower that harnesses solar power. The Recharge Mower might not have all the bells and whistles of these models but it does exactly what lawn mowers are supposed to do – it cuts your lawn.

The Recharge Mower features a 900 watt Electric Drive Motor powering the rear wheels and dual cutting blades that deliver a 27” wide path, making it small enough to easily fit through an average fence gate and maneuver close to flower beds and between trees.

The mower uses a Smart charger (which stops when charging is complete) in a standard wall outlet. It will take about ten to 12 hours to charge and provides up to three hours of continuous mowing time - more than enough needed for the average size lawn.

The unit includes a number of safety features. It has an operator presence switch that will stop the power when the brakes are activated. There is also an audible reverse warning indicator, a cutting blade locking mechanism and a power breaking switch which will shut down the machine immediately.

There are five selectable height adjustments (starting from 0.75” and ranging upward in half inch increments to a height of 2.75”) to cater for uneven lawn surfaces. The mower also includes a bagger positioned in the rear for ease of detachment and emptying.

Recharge Specifications

  • 27" Cutting Deck
  • 36v38Ah power system
  • Smart Charger
  • Dual Cutting Blade System
  • 900 watt Electric Drive Motor
  • 5 Cutting Height Positions
  • Rear Grass Catcher
  • Trailer Hitch for accessories
  • Welded Steel Frame Construction
  • Meets American National Standards Institute B71.1 Standards
  • 2 Year Limited Residential Use Warranty
  • Average charge can be completed over night in an average of 10 – 12 hours.

The Recharge Mower retails for USD $2195.

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