Samsung announces 512GB SSD with toggle-mode DDR NAND Memory

Samsung has added a speedy 512GB SSD with toggle-mode DDR NAND memory to its arsenal of storage solutions

Samsung has unveiled its first 512GB solid state drive with toggle-mode DDR NAND memory. The low power drive offers up to 250MB per second read and 220MB read over a fast SATA 3.0 Gbps interface, which roughly translates to having two 4GB movies stored to the drive in around a minute.

Samsung's new 2.5 inch form factor, 512GB SSD benefits from high-performance toggle-mode DDR NAND and makes use of a 30 nanometer-class 32 gigabit chip that the company began producing last November. It offers a low power controller that allows the drive to operate at the same power consumption level as a 40nm-class 16Gb NAND-based 256GB SSD.

As well as providing peace of mind data security with its reinforced 256bit AES encryption, the drive has an intelligent operation management function to optimize the SSD’s background working environment and streamlined boot time and application access, showing an approximately nine-fold improvement in random performance over HDDs.

Volume production will start next month, no mention of price at the time of writing.

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