Samsung to release the Restore recycled cell phone

Samsung Restore - 84% recycled cell phone

Even the most passionate of eco-warriors would find it hard to get by without a cell phone. Thankfully, with more eco-friendly models appearing on the market there are options for those who shop with a conscience.

Last year, Sprint released the exclusive Samsung Reclaim - a cell phone made up of 80 per cent recyclable materials, predominantly corn-based bio plastics. Now, it’s upping the game a little with the imminent Samsung Restore.

Building on the success of the Reclaim Samsung has managed to form the Restore out of 84 per cent recyclable materials, with an outer casing (available in zingy limeade or midnight blue) made of 27 per cent recycled plastic.

Featuring a slide-out, full QWERTY keyboard and an optical joystick, the Reclaim’s features are enough to keep most users happy. As well as an integrated camera and camcorder and direct access to Facebook, MySpace and YouTube, the cell phone doubles up as an MP3 player with support for up to 32GB from its microSD card slot. We're also pleased to see a 2GB card will be included in the box.

Samsung knows buyers of this device will be swayed by its build rather than its function. With that in mind, it’s released a few details on its environmentally responsible components to keep passionate conservationists in the loop.

As well as its 84 per cent recycled body, key eco facts for the Restore include the fact it:

  • only has low levels of environmentally sensitive materials (PVC, BFRs, Phthalates, Beryllium).
  • it’s powered by an Energy Star Version 2.0 charger (with standby power loss less than 3mW).
  • its packaging is 100 per cent recyclable (even the box is printed with soy ink).

If you really wanted to swot up on responsible eco lifestyles the Restore also comes pre-loaded with Sprint’s One Click Green tile. This gives you instant access to a number of eco tips.

Samsung Restore will be launching in the summer and will be available only from Sprint. It will retail for US$49.99 with a two-year service agreement, after a $50 mail-in rebate.

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