Sealegs amphibious vehicle sets sights on speed record

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Sealegs during its record crossing of the English Channel

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December 5, 2007 Sealegs International is gearing up for a world record attempt as the fastest amphibious vehicle over 500m on-water.

The record attempt will take place in Sydney Harbor, Australia, on Friday 7 December and follows a record breaking run across the English Channel back in 2005 in which the previous mark set by Sir Richard Branson was almost halved.

The vehicle will need to reach a constant speed of over 62mph (100kmh) to break the record.

Sealegs has paired up with Evinrude outboard motors and will be using an Evinrude E-Tec 225HP high output motor to hit the world record breaking speeds.

According to Australian Director Will Burrell AM, who will take the wheel in the attempt: "this World Record will prove that Sealegs boats are more than just a practical concept and innovative idea, but a serious piece of equipment, with significant boating abilities – both on the water and off.”

Designed and manufactured in New Zealand, Sealegs boats have the capability to seamlessly enter and exit the water at the push of a button, providing a convenient solution for waterfront property owners, emergency services and people with restricted mobility.

We first encountered Sealegs back in 2004 and since then the company has come along in leaps and bounds. An aluminum vehicle was launched in 2005 and a new 6.1 meter, aluminum D-tube model in July this year retailing for around US$8,600.

Sealegs amphibious boats range from 6.1m – 7.1m and for standard use are paired with 90–150HP standard outboard motors, propelling the boats through the water at speeds of up to 40 knots. On land, the all-terrain wheels are driven by a small independent four-stroke motor coupled to a hydraulic pump system powering the boat at speeds of around 6mph (10kph).

View gallery - 2 images
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